This is What Recruitment Should be

Our Ethical Approach

We're Here to Change What isn't Working

We feel there is a lot about recruitment that isn't working.

It's a numbers game
It has short-term focus
It's a pressurised environment, when the opposite is needed

As Locri recruiters, we are here to turn it around.

Investing in Relationships

Regardless of the many good people working in the industry, recruitment agencies have got things upside down.

Instead of investing in relationships that serve the long-term interests of employers’ businesses and individuals’ careers, agencies are focussed on making a profit on a sale.

We believe that a different approach is needed.

Locri is an alternative to mainstream recruitment agencies, operating in architecture and the built environment:

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What our Partners Say

Working for Locri

Lauren Hinton

Since I joined Locri Recruitment as a Social Media and Webpage Consultant, I have had the ability to work flexibly and grow within my role. I am now responsible for sourcing candidates and supporting our current consultants. Locri has a fantastic, relaxed work environment, with a great team and plentiful support.

Lauren Hinton

Social Media & Webpage Consultant
Zoe Green

Environmental issues and sustainable design have always influenced my way of thinking throughout my 20 year career working alongside professionals in this multi-disciplinary sphere. Joining LOCRI has been a wonderful opportunity to support these passionate people. I find this enlightening, enriching, and fulfilling.

The business model, team approach and support are all in place and instrumental to ensure the new recruitment career transition. Importantly, in my case as a working mum, LOCRI offers flexibility and playing to your strengths = Good People.

Zoe Green

Ecology and Arboriculture Recruitment Partner
Richard Hall

After 8 years working as an Architect, joining Locri was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. Through architectural recruitment, I’m able to share my knowledge and expand my connections. I also believe that I make a bigger impact by advising industry leaders on their employment strategies and current markets. 

The biggest change was the great flexibility and work/life balance that Locri offers. Recruitment can be very rewarding and when you have a lovely and supporting team of Locri people, it can be also fun and joyful.

Richard Hall

Architectural Recruitment Partner
Pablo Lombardo CMLI

Joining Locri after more than 10 years practising as a Landscape Architect has given me the opportunity to thrive in a totally unexpected direction. I have a much better work life balance, I feel I’m contributing more and I’m more connected and engaged than ever to the profession. 

Getting to meet extremely talented people on a daily basis inevitably enriches your perception of this beautiful and ever-changing industry.

Pablo Lombardo CMLI

Urban Design and MENA Region Recruitment Partner

Enjoy flexibility and greater financial rewards within the Recruitment industry